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Buyer’s Guide


Nissan’s lineup mixes budget-conscious and boldly styled vehicles such as the Altima with enthusiast favorites including the 370Z and GT-R supercar.

Least Expensive: Like many other subcompact cars, the Nissan Versa trades economy for many of the creature comforts found in pricier vehicles. However, the Versa does come standard Bluetooth and more interior space than you might expect, for a starting price under $14,000.

Sportiest: The all-wheel-drive Nissan GT-R is the company’s sportiest offering with a twin-turbocharged V-6 engine producing over 550 horsepower. However, it isn’t the brand’s only sporty car, as the 370Z NISMO ups the fun factor on the regular Z with a retuned suspension and a bit more power.

Popular: The Altima midsize sedan and Rogue crossover are the best-selling vehicles in the brand’s lineup.

Most Expensive: As the company’s halo-supercar, the Nissan GT-R commands the highest introductory price in the lineup, starting at well over $100,000. The GT-R supercar competes with the Porsche 911 and Acura NSX.


  • Nissan LEAF


    101 Hwy / 124 City


    The Nissan Leaf is the automaker’s sole electric vehicle with a four-door hatchback body style that makes it…

  • Nissan Sentra


    37 Hwy / 29 City


    The compact Nissan Sentra sedan slots above the Versa sedan and Versa Note hatchback and below the midsize…

  • Nissan Versa


    35 Hwy / 26 City


    The Nissan Versa sedan and Nissan Versa Note hatckback are the automaker’s entry-level models that slot below the…

  • Nissan Versa Note


    39 Hwy / 31 City


    The Nissan Versa Note is the four-door hatchback version of the subcompact Versa. The sedan and hatch combine…


  • Nissan Altima


    39 Hwy / 27 City


    Nissan’s midsize Altima is one of its best-selling vehicles and goes head on against the likes of the…

  • Nissan Maxima


    30 Hwy / 21 City


    Now in its eighth generation, the Nissan Maxima is marketed as a sports sedan above the family-oriented Nissan…


  • Nissan NV



    Find editorial reviews & latest news, photos, comparisons and more of the Nissan NV.

  • Nissan NV1500


    19 Hwy / 14 City


    The Nissan NV1500 is the base model in the automaker’s full-size commercial van lineup that also consists of…

  • Nissan NV200


    26 Hwy / 24 City


    The Nissan NV200 is the automaker’s entry-level cargo van and slots beneath the full-size Nissan NV1500, NV2500, and…

  • Nissan NV2500


    18 Hwy / 13 City


    Slotting in between the smaller NV1500 and NV3500, the Nissan NV2500 is one of two quarter-ton variants of…

  • Nissan NV3500


    16 Hwy / 11 City


    The Nissan NV3500 is the largest variant of Nissan NV series of commercial vans, available in cargo or…

  • Nissan NV3500 Passenger


    18 Hwy / 13 City


    The Nissan N3500 Passenger competes with the Chevrolet Express, Ford Transit, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The passenger variant of…

  • Nissan Quest


    27 Hwy / 20 City


    The Nissan Quest minivan serves as the automaker’s people-carrier for those who don’t need the available all-wheel drive…


  • Nissan 370Z


    25 Hwy / 18 City


    As the sixth model in the Nissan Z line, the Nissan 370Z is the spiritual successor to the…

  • Nissan GT-R


    22 Hwy / 16 City


    The four-seat Nissan GT-R is the automaker’s flagship sports car and slots above the two-seat Nissan 370Z coupe…


  • Nissan Armada


    19 Hwy / 14 City


    The full-size body-on-frame Nissan Armada is the automaker’s largest SUV and sits above the Pathfinder, Murano, Rogue, and…

  • Nissan Frontier


    23 Hwy / 16 City


    Since its original release in the U.S. market, the rugged Nissan Frontier has been an affordable option in…

  • Nissan JUKE


    30 Hwy / 26 City


    The Nissan Juke was one of the originators of the sport compact crossover segment, featuring a diminutive footprint…

  • Nissan Murano


    28 Hwy / 21 City


    Now in its third generation, the five-seat Nissan Murano crossover slots in size above the small Juke and…

  • Nissan Pathfinder


    27 Hwy / 20 City


    The once rugged and trailblazing Nissan Pathfinder has conformed to modern times by offering a comfortable ride, good…

  • Nissan Rogue


    33 Hwy / 26 City


    The Rogue is Nissan’s entry into the hot compact crossover segment. Though the overall package is a bit…

  • Nissan Rogue Sport

    Price: N/A


    The new Nissan Rogue Sport is an alternative to the funky Juke and larger Rogue crossover. Although the…

  • Nissan Titan


    21 Hwy / 15 City


    The Japanese made small trucks, and the Americans made big trucks. That was the law of the land…

  • Nissan Titan XD


    15 Hwy / 10 City


    A new addition to the Titan lineup, the Nissan Titan XD is the larger of the two variants…

Discontinued Models

  • Nissan 200SX

  • Nissan 240SX

  • Nissan 300ZX

  • Nissan 350Z

  • Nissan cube

  • Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet

  • Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

  • Nissan Pickup

  • Nissan Rogue Select

  • Nissan Xterra

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