Tracker for Rental Car

Tracker for rental car for easy monitoring is one of the major challenges of Car renting business when they leave the car lot.

Business problems Car rental companies solve with Autos Ghana GPS vehicle tracker for Car1. Need to quickly find vehicle with car breakdown
A customer renting a car might have problems in describing its position in case of a car breakdown. For the car rental company it is often tedious work to locate the vehicle. It might also be hard to estimate what service depot or service car that is most suitable for helping the customer.
Solution: With Autos Ghana tracking system for cars Server and a suitable tracking device the Car rental company can offer a competitive safety service to the end user. In case of car break down the customer can press a button in the car and automatically generate an alarm for the car rental company. The exact position of the broken vehicle is displayed and the most suitable service vehicle can be dispatched to provide the best customer experience.
2. Need to recover and stop stolen vehicles
When a rental car is stolen it causes problems and costs large amounts for the car rental company.
Solution: With Autos Ghana Gps tracker for rental cars Server the car rental company can see the position of the vehicle in real time. The Gps vehicle tracking for car device can generate an alarm if a vehicle that should not leave the country is about to leave the country. From our server it is possible to send commands to a tracking device in the vehicle that can immobilize the car, making it impossible to restart the vehicle after the ignition has been turned off.
3. Need do know if car will be returned on time
Its hard for a car rental company to know if a vehicle will be returned on time. Vehicles that are returned too late are causing additional cost since there is a need for additional vehicles in the fleet.
Solution: In Autos Ghana Server the Car rental company can see if a car that is supposed to be returned is on its way and if the vehicle will be able to get back in time for the next customer. In Autos Ghana Server you can create rules that alert the car rental company if the car is unlikely to be returned on time.
4. Need to decrease costs and risk connected to speeding
Over speeding with rental vehicles increases both the risk of damaging the car and the maintenance cost. For most vehicles there is a significant increased cost when the speed goes above 60 miles per hour. According to WHO there is 31,8 times higher risk for a car crash when driving 80 miles per hour compared to

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