Boat Jet Ski Tracking

Boat jet ski tracking is one of the best ways to secure your assets. With Autos Ghana Limited GPS tracking system you will be able to track your boat jet ski from wherever you are in the world.

Features at a Glance

1. 24/7 Boat Jet Ski tracking & control
2. GPS co-ordinates on demand over the phone or by SMS/text reports or internet
3. Remote engine immobilisation
4. Ignition & power cut
5.internal back up battery.
6.Remote access via phone, SMS, PC or Internet
7.SMS updates, reports & alarm notifications
8.Event & travel recording.
9.Remote activation & deactivation
10.Geofence alarm uniquely lets you define a virtual boundary
11. Installation time is approximately 1-2 hours
12. Google map support

The main benefits of Boat Jet Ski tracking

1. Ensure high level of Security and Safety for Jet Ski rider in the middle of sea.
2. A panic button is available in case of emergency to help identify the location of the rider wherever he/she might be.
3. Electronic fences can be set to notify the operational center if a Jet Ski approached/departs from a restricted area.
4. The history of any Jet Ski activity is recorded and can be retrieved for future data.
Locate, Track, and Secure Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

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