Company Plan

The company plan for a GPS vehicle tracking system is the most comprehensive plan and service we provide to especially companies with larger fleet.
The desire to track all your vehicles at one place using our group map and automatic group update is necessary for all companies especially for logistics.
With this plan transport owners or managers are able to pinpoint all vehicles location and alert customers of impending delivery or location. Another great feature for the company plan is the ability of our servers to provide maintenance reminders and also email alerts for all vehicle activities.
The features among others include;
1. Vehicle / Group Map
2. Report Group Update
3. Ignition Details
4. Change Password
5. Vehicle / Group Report
6. Vehicle Immobilizer
7. Email Reports
8. Maintenance Reports and Alerts
* Free transportation cost for all Plan Installations in Accra and Tema
* 100GHC transportation cost for all Installations outside Accra and Tema

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