Welcome to Autos Ghana Limited Shipping

Over ten (10) years, we have been shipping hundreds of vehicles from USA to Tema and know your every need when it comes to picking your vehicle from the Car dealer, auction branches, business offices and custom clearance.


There are two main shipping methods when shipping your Car, Mack Truck or Heavy Machinery to Tema, Ghana. They are Container and Ro-RO. The most popular, cost efficient and least expensive is the Ro-Ro(Roll On Roll Off) method.

Autos Ghana Limited specializes in this and provides you with the best service . We handle all the required paperwork for you.

Typical transit times range from as low as 3 to 4 weeks to Tema, Ghana port. Please contact our office now for an immediate RO-RO shipping quote to Tema, Ghana.

Shipping to other parts of the world can also be handled for you if your vehicle runs and drives. We take care of both inland and ocean freight to save you money. Whenever you decide to ship a vehicle from any auction location in the United States, you are dealing with two major shipments.

The inland shipping and ocean shipping will need to be critically evaluated before any vehicle is purchased. Autos Ghana however takes care of both for you at affordable cost and in a timely manner.

Storage charges at dealerships and auction sites are of the past if you work with us. Our company go the extra mile in making sure your vehicle is picked up on time and delivered to the port. We also take care of all the custom clearance requirements on your behalf.

With our 24/7 chat form and great customer service you can easily follow your shipped vehicle till it reaches it destination with your documents in hand. Your vehicle shipping is always safe with Autos Ghana Limited.

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