Autos Ghana Limited has assisted in hundreds of vehicle purchase and is here to make your auction vehicle purchase, payments and shipping including custom clearance from the United States very simple and reliable.
You will have the option to bid directly on iaai and copart directly beginning from our website.
How much do I pay for registration?

Autos Ghana fee is 350Gh per vehicle purchase.
What benefits do I get by registering?

You get access to over 500,000 Salvage and Clean Title cars at wholesale prices. Autos Ghana will provide you with auction buying, consulting, documentation handling, inland transportation and worldwide transportation.
Can I still register to to buy from anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can purchase from anywhere in the world. We will export your vehicle to the port you please.
Payment Questions

What are the methods of payment?

Deposits can be made in our Ecobank Account across Ghana. All major credit cards are also accepted. You can also do a Bank wire transfer. Full payments for successful purchases can be sent by all the following above.
How do I make bank wire transfer and what are your company’s bank wire instructions?

An invoice regarding your purchase will be generated including our payment instructions. You simply print out our bank wire instructions form together with the invoice for the car. Then you go to your bank and give them our bank wire instructions. Please do not forget to send us an email confirming that you did send a wire to us.
Why do I have to pay a deposit first to bid on cars?

Deposit helps us determine if your intentions to purchase a vehicle are true

What is a minimum required deposit?

Minimum deposit is $400 or 10% of proposed vehicle bidding cost, whichever is higher.
How do I know how much to deposit?

Deposit of 10% from the proposed bidding price is required. For example if you wish to place a bid or submit A “buy now” offer for $10,000 you will need to have $1000 deposit on your account.
Will you refund my deposit if I request?

Yes we will refund your deposit immediately upon your request.

How much time do I have to send my money over to you after the purchase?

You have 2 days to pay for the purchased car. To avoid any kind of late fees and penalties you have to send your money the same day you made a successful purchase.
What are the penalties if you do not receive my money on time?

You have 2 days to pay for the car, if we do not receive the payment from you on the 2nd day after the purchase, we will charge you $75 or 0.135% per day as a late fee and you will be asked to send a copy of confirmation of your payment along with the contact information of a sending bank.
If we do not receive a payment or a copy of confirmation from you in 5 days, we will re list or relieve the vehicle and your deposit of $400 from the price of the car will be used as a re list fee.
Do you offer financing?

Autos Ghana works with other financing companies in Ghana. You must be approved for financing before bidding. Please contact us for further information on financing.

How would I know if you received my payment?

You will receive an automated email message in your email inbox you provide .

Bidding Process

If I am the highest bidder at the indicated bidding end time, does that mean that I won the car?Yes, this means that you are the highest bidder and have won. You can then immediately make payments towards your won vehicle.
What is A “Buy now”?

“Buy now” cars are offered for sale with a fixed price and can be purchased right away.
Can I offer lower price than buy now price?

The buy it now price is typically non-negotiable.
Are there any auction fees for “Buy now” vehicles?

Yes. You would have to pay the auction fee for the “Buy now” vehicle; however those fees tend to be much lower than for the live sale vehicles.
How would I know what is going to be an auction fee?

Auction fees vary by the auction and the selling price. Auction fees typically range from $200-$600 USD. This will be shown on your final invoice.
Can I negotiate auction fee?

No, you can not negotiate the auction fees in any case.
How can I cancel my bid or the “Buy now”?

If the status of your bid is “Submitted”, you can not cancel your bid. You can not cancel your “Buy now” in any case.
What is the average price?

The average price for the vehicle is “an average price” of past auction sales of similar vehicles. This price gives you the idea on how much the car can sell for. In the United States, auto auctions are relatively unknown to the public at large, but play a major role as a wholesale market for second-hand vehicles. Most auto auctions are closed auctions, meaning only dealers can use them. There are also auctions that are open to the public. These auctions are a primary outlet for financial services firms to dispose of their large volume of off-lease returns, for rental and other companies to sell off their aging fleets and for car dealerships to dump trade-ins or other unwanted inventory. Some auctions in the United States are used by banks, the IRS, and other government agencies to sell vehicles that were repossessed for failure to make monthly payments or pay taxes, or were seized by the FBI, DEA, or the police. Also, there are some that sell US Government vehicles. Finally, there are those catering to the salvage market where insurance companies sell totaled vehicles.Online auto auctions are also growing in popularity.

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